Double your dating chapter 4

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The purpose of Chapter 3 is, also like Chapter 2, to provide essential background, although this time it is Gatsby who is introduced.By inserting the chapter about Tom, Fitzgerald has effectively held off introducing the story's main character, helping to build an air of mystery around him, not unlike the mystery that Nick and the others initially associate with him, and by keeping the reader from meeting Gatsby, Fitzgerald links the reader even more closely to Nick.The others simply arrive, knowing only that there will be a party and they won't be turned away.At the party, Nick tries to find Gatsby, but has no luck.Nick says that they "conducted themselves according to the rules of behavior associated with amusement parks," again stressing the carefree, stereotypical roaring '20s atmosphere. made an attempt to find [his] host." He had little luck, however, because no one could help him.Much to the partygoers' discredit, however, "sometimes they came and went without having met Gatsby at all." In stark contrast, Nick "as soon as [he] arrived . In fact, when Nick asks people for help in finding Gatsby, they can only look at him "in such an amazed way" and vehemently deny "any knowledge of his movements," again setting a stark contrast between himself and the people he tells us about.

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The guests enjoyed themselves, flirting and dancing, until the wee hours of the morning.People routinely come to his house for the parties, but also to use his boats, his plane, his cars, and so on.Gatsby must not mind all his guests, however, because every weekend continues in the same patterns of excess and opulence as he provides his guests with only the finest food, drink, and entertainment.Perhaps it is Nick's Midwestern roots and their implied propriety that keep him at a distance, but regardless, his sense of decorum shows brightly throughout this scene, helping readers see him as a character with integrity.

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Having Nick at Gatsby's party provides an unprecedented chance to peer into the lives of the seemingly well-to-do people who attend. It turns out that the glamorous and glib party guests are, in fact, quite shallow.However, the information is sketchy — later chapters help to round out the picture of him: who he is and where he comes from.

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